Screen Tops
  • Galvanized metal screen tops with 1/4" galvanized mesh.
  • Heat lamps can be placed directly on top of the screen tops.
  • Tops have no plastic parts.
  • Custom sizes available - supply outside measurements of tank top for qoute.
  • Hinged tops available on most tops - hinge usually runs front to back.
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Typical Screen Top
screen clipsPackage of 2$5 
6x126 x 12 Screen Top$10 
8x168 x 16 Screen Top$10 
10x2010 x 20 Screen Top$12 
24x1224 x 12 Screen Top$14 
30x1230 x 12 Screen Top$16 
30 x 12 hinged 30 x 12 hinged screen ( hinge runs lengthwise ) $25 
36x1336 x 13 Screen Top$25 
48x1348 x 13 Screen Top$25 
36x1836 x 18 Screen Top$30 
24 x 24 24 x 24 metal screen top $30 
30x1830 x 18 Screen Top$30 
48x1848 x 18 Screen Top$35 
36x2436 x 24 Screen Top$40 
48x2448 x 24 Screen Top$50 
36 x 18 Hinged36 x 18 Screen Top (Hinge Runs Front to Back)$55 
48x13 Hinged48 x 13 Screen Top (Hinge Runs Front to Back)$55 
48 x 13 Hinged48 x 13 Screen top ( Hinge run lengthwise )$55 
48x18 Hinged48 x 18 Screen Top (Hinge Runs Front to Back)$65 
72x18 Hinged72 x 18 Screen Top (Hinge Runs Front to Back)$80 
48 x 24 Hinged48 x 24 Screen Top ( Hinge Runs Front to Back)$80 
60 x 18 Hinged60 x 18 screen top (Hinge Runs Front to Back)$80 
72x24 Hinged72 x 24 Screen Top (Hinge Runs Front to Back)$95 
96x24 Hinged96 x 24 Screen Top (Hinge Runs Front to Back)$120