• Glasscages.com Office Sales Hours
    Monday thru Friday- 8:30am-5pm (Central Time)
    Saturday and Sunday Closed
    Please Note: The Glasscages shop is open by appointment only.
    Phone: 615-446-8877
    Email: info@glasscages.com

  • Fish and Supplies Sales Hours (Not Glasscages.com Tanks)
    Please Note:- Fish and Supplies Sales By Appointment Only

  • You can now order online:
    • Acrylic aquariums 50 gallons or less - shipped straight to your door via UPS!
    • Glass Aquariums - Regular and Rimless
    • Click on the 'Customize / Buy' buttons to estimate your tank/accessory prices and shipping/delivery costs!
    • If a product doesn't have a "Customize/Buy" button right now you can still call us to get more information or to order it.
  • Driving Directions: Click here for driving directions.
  • For inquires email us at info@glasscages.com
  • We accept all major credit cards.
    (Send to info@glasscages.com)
  • We use: Acrylic, Plate Glass, or Low-Iron Glass
  • Thicknesses from 1/8" to 3/4"
  • Large custom glass aquariums(in widths of 24"-30"-36"-48" or almost any size available for large tanks) can be ordered. Call for quote.
  • Acrylic aquariums are available in many of our standard sizes.
  • Overflows and holes are available for reef ready tanks in all sizes. Each hole is $25. Overflows cost between $50.00.
  • Shipping available in all 48 contiguous states.
  • If you need the credit card authorization form: click here to download it

Credit Cards Accepted
New Stand OptionsMetal, Modern and Fine Furniture Stands Available  
Options - Options Options for details call 615-446-8877 or email info@glasscages.com- Smoked Perimeter Tinted Glass Bracing with Low-Iron Cross Braces with Concealed Waterline -Interior Seam Corner Guards -Low-Iron Euro-Bracing -Perimeter Only Euro-Bracing -White and Black Trim -Black Vinyl Backing Options -Starboard Bottom -Upgraded Black Aquarium Pad -Printed Vinyl Scene Options (your graphic)