Ordering / Shipping Information

Some aquariums, stands, tanks, sump tanks, and accessories can now be ordered online!

  • To place an order online go to the 'Glass Aquariums', 'Rimless Aquariums', or 'Acrylic Aquariums' category...
  • ...click on the 'Customize / Buy' button next to the aquarium you want to customize or buy.
  • Items that don't have a "Customize / Buy " button are available for shipping, but you need to call for a shipping quote.
  • We are able to ship products to the US, Alaska,Hawaii/Guam,Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Canada. You need to call or Email for a shipping quote: Supply product wanted and zip/postal code.
  • Online orders are not finalized when submitted. We will always get in contact with you and answer any additional questions you may have before we process payment
  • More information is provided when you click on a 'Customize / Buy' button.
  • Feel free to click on the 'Customize / Buy' button to calculate an estimate of any products you are considering -- it's an easy way to compare costs and see how much a complete setup might cost.
Most nonglass products are shippable.
Although we stock a large inventory, most items are made up as ordered. Once ordered with credit card or paypal payment, items can't be cancelled or returned. Any refunds given are charged a 5% credit card service fee.
If you are interested in an aquarium or terrarium you need to call or email us and tell us your location and ZIP code.
Acrylic terrariums and small acrylic aquariums can be shipped by UPS.
Large glass aquariums and pallet loads of glass terrariums can be shipped by a common carrier(a Trucking Co. NOT UPS).
Oak stands & canopies can be shipped with aquariums.
Contact us for more information.
  • Any estimates or quotes you receive are good for one week.

  • E-Mail: info@glasscages.com
  • Phone: (615)-446-8877 (Normal office hours are 9AM to 5PM(central time) on weekdays.)
  • Fax: (615)-740-1394

Credit Cards Accepted