Hinged Aquarium Tops
Prices for hinged glass or acrylic aquarium tops.
Tops for glass aquariums differ in style from acrylic aquariums - but they are the same price.
Glass tops can not be shipped via UPS but acrylic tops can.
These will fit in our tanks, but may not fit other manufacturers' tanks.

Click on a picture below for a more detailed view of the tops. Each picture has a text overlay explaining what each piece is.
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Typical Hinged Glass Aquarium Glass Top Typical Hinged Acrylic Aquarium Acrylic Top
130x24130 x 24$124 
16x816 x 8$21 
20x1020 x 10$25 
24x1224 x 12$25 
24x2424 x 24$35 
30x1230 x 12$25 
30x3030 x 30$41 
36x1236 x 12$28 
36x1836 x 18$35 
36x24 36 x 24$49 
36x3636 x 36$55 
48x1248 x 12$35 
48x1848 x 18$39 
48x2448 x 24$55 
48x3048 x 30$69 
48x3648 x 36$90 
48x4848 x 48$110 
60x1860 x 18$63 
60x2460 x 24$69 
60x3060 x 30$83 
60x3660 x 36$96 
72x1872 x 18$63 
72x2472 x 24$69 
72x3072 x 30$83 
72x3672 x 36$96 
96x1896 x 18$83 
96x2496 x 24$83 
96x3096 x 30$110 
96x3696 x 36$124 
96x4896 x 48$138