Custom Size Cut Sheets of Glass
  • Glass sheets are available for pick up in Dickson, Tn. or from our trucks at delivery points at additional cost.
  • Pallets of cut glass can be shipped common carrier.
  • Pricing is approximate depending on cutout size
  • We handle Starphire glass (low iron glass) in 1/4 - 3/8 -1/2 - 3/4 thickness.
  • We can polish edges at additional cost.
E-mail the sizes you need for an exact quote on the glass.
Prices quoted are for cut sizes only.
Seaming and swiping cost is additional Square and rectangular pieces only - no circles or ovals.
Price is $/sq Ft depending on cutout
NameDescriptionPrice (per square foot)Options
.100 plate glass 2.5 mmRegular Plate Glass$3 
1/8 Plate Glass 3mmRegular Plate Glass$3 
Plate Glass 6mmRegular Plate Glass$4 
3/8 Plate Glass 10mmRegular Plate Glass$7 
Plate Glass 12mmRegular Plate Glass$10 
1/4 LIG Low Iron Glass$12 
3/8 LIG Low Iron Glass$15 
LIG Low Iron Glass$19 
3/4 Plate GlassRegular Plate Glass$24 
3/4 LIG Low Iron Glass$35