Suction Cups for Glass
Suction hand cups for use on clean smooth nonporous surfaces from temperatures of 10-120 degrees F
  • Hand cups use vacuum to lift and carry loads.
  • A manual pump removes air from between the rubber pad and the contact surface.
  • A red line on the pump's plunger serves as a vacuum indicator.
  • A check valve allows the user to repump the cup without removing it from the contact surface.
  • A release mechanism allows the cup to disengage completely.

Our customers always ask to buy these so we listed them on the site.
These can easily be shipped via UPS. Cups are red in color.
  • These are the same cups you see us using at our facility and when we handle tanks on our trucks.
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Suction Cups (Top and Bottom Views)
8" Suction CupsSimiliar to Wood's Powr-Grip Cup (Pictured Above)$65