Industrial Container - Industrial Tanks
We manufacture glass and acrylic containers for
  • Retail Displays
  • Museums
  • Industry
  • Research
  • Customizations
    • Tank Sizes Containers can be made to almost any size: Very small or very large
    • Holes Holes can be drilled in the containers.
    • Frames Black frames are available as an alternative to rimless containers.
    • Shape Odd shapes or angles are possible in some circumstances.
  • Materials
    • Regular Plate Glass
    • Low-Iron Glass Low-Iron glass provides a clearer view of colors than regular aquariums.
    • Acrylic Typically clear however some colors may be available depending on the container's thickness.
Please email or fax your designs for a quote.
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Industrial: Retail Display Industrial: Pressure Test Tank Industrial: Optical Photography Tank Industrial Tank
Industrial: 3 Small Rimless Research Vessels