LED Lights
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LED Light (Long) - Aquarium Accessory LED Light (Short) - Aquarium Accessory
Single LED Strip 18-24Marineland$50 
Advanced Dbl. LED Strip with Timer 18-24"Marineland$75 
Single LED Strip 24-36Marineland - Featuring White Day-lights & Actinic/Blue Moonlights$80 
Single LED Strip 36-48Marineland - 20% Brighter output than single flourescent lamp. Costs less than $5 per year to power$95 
Advanced Dbl. LED Strip with Timer 24-36Marineland$100 
Single LED Strip 48-60Marineland$125 
Advanced Dbl. LED Strip with Timer 36-48Marineland - All new line designed for reliable, long-term performance$140 
Reef LED with Timer 18-24Marineland$150 
Advanced Dbl. LED Strip with Timer 48-60Marineland - Day/Lunar LEDs & a built in timer$220 
Reef LED with Timer 24-36Marineland$225 
Reef LED with Timer 36-48Marineland - Timer comes preprogrammed for easy use, may also be programmed to fit your needs$325 
Reef LED with Timer 48-60Marineland - Polycarbonate focusing & dispersing lenses featured to maximize light penetration to support needs of your reef aquarium$375