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Aquarium Setup Instructions

All aquariums must be set up on stand as specified in warranty. A sheet of 3/4″ Styrofoam or 3/4″ aquarium grade pad (reaching completely side-to-side and front-to-back) must be placed between the tank and the surface of the stand. Aquariums should not be set on wood furniture, stereos, televisions, or other surfaces that have not been designed to support an aquarium. Setting up the aquarium on a homemade stand or on a surface such as the ones mentioned above can result in stress breakage of the side or bottom glass panels of the aquarium. Breakage is NOT guaranteed.

It is very important to follow the SET UP INSTRUCTIONS: Each leg of the aquarium stand must sit flat on the floor. Each corner of the aquarium must sit flat on each corner of the top of the aquarium stand. If either the legs or the corners of the aquarium do not sit flat then proper shimming is required. The shimming referred to here is the placing of thin strips of tile, wood, or paper under the leg or corner of the aquarium to make the leg or corner sit flat. IMPORTANT!! Special setup is required on a carpeted floor due to the fact that carpeting tends to cover up uneven floors which can cause stress breakage.

If the aquarium is set on carpeting, the carpeting should be pulled back to expose the bare floor. Then follow setup instructions above. After the stand and aquarium have been checked and proper shimming done, if necessary, the carpeting can be put back in place and the stand and aquarium should be placed in the exact same position as before on top of the carpeting. The stand and aquarium should be reset up using the same shims, if any were needed, in the same position that was used when the stand and aquarium were set up on the bare floor.


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