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Custom Aquarium and Tank Options

Silicone Glass Cages offers Clear and Black silicone.

Euro-Bracing with Trim and Low-Iron Options

Trim color option of Black or White in addition to using Low-Iron. The trim is intended to hide the waterline and provide a finished edge on the top and bottom of the aquarium.

Custom Euro-Bracing Options

Bracing Options Glass Cages offers a variety of custom Euro-Bracing options without trim that create a very elegant masterpiece. These solutions include items such as True Tinted Glass (Smoked, Emerald Green, Bronze and White Frosted), Low-Iron in varying thicknesses (3/8”, 1/2” and 3/4”) and an Interior Concealed Waterline. Using both Clear and Black Silicone on the same build. Perimeter and Cross-Bracing options. All options can be mixed together. You can create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Dream it!

Vertical Seam Guards

Vertical Seam Guards Glass Cages offers Interior Vertical Corner Seam Guards as desired. These Seam Guards will offer additional build strength and integrity in addition to protecting the vertical silicone seams.

Concealed Waterline

Cutting Edge Glass Cages solution for a custom build without the exterior trim. This innovative solution will conceal the waterline from the inside of the build in addition to concealing the Euro-Bracing construction. Can be considered the last option to finish a custom tank in a gorgeous fashion. We know who created the Concealed Waterline first!

Concealed Sandline

Another Glass Cages creative solution as the result of customer inquiries. The Concealed Sandline is an interior method of concealing the sand along the bottom of the aquarium. Stunning result of innovation.


Glass Cages has many types of overflows available that can be added to any aquarium build. The overflow is constructed with glass and then wrapped with acrylic. The acrylic acts as the overflow weir.


Glass Cages offers Industrial Vinyl wrapping. Most popular colors are Black and Royal Blue. A variety of colors are available to include custom graphics or your graphic.

Starboard Black Bottom

Glass Cages offers a solid Black Starboard interior bottom for bare bottom aquarium. The starboard will protect the bottom of the aquarium and eliminate any bottom reflection.

Aquarium Pad

Glass Cages ships all Aquariums with a ¾” reclaimed Styrofoam Pad. An upgraded Black Polyethylene Aquarium Pad is available for purchase. Aquarium Pad is a must for all aquarium setups.

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